Member’s Accreditation

Pursuant to the Resolution of the Conference of European Data Protection Authorities “Rules and Procedures of the Conference of European Data Protection Authorities” adopted in Limassol, 27-28 April 2017, entities that wish to be accredited as Members of the conference must submit their application to the Accreditation Committee. Applications will be assessed on basis of the following eligibility criteria and the admission criteria as provided for in the Resolution:

Eligibility criteria

Entities fulfilling the following criteria are eligible for membership to the Conference: Independent European public authorities with competence to supervise compliance with applicable rules concerning privacy and the processing of personal data under Council of Europe Convention 108 and/or, with regard to the European Union and the European Economic Area, the EU Regulations 2016/679 and 45/2001 and/or Directive 2016/680.

Admission criteria

Applicants that are eligible as per the provisions of section 7.1.1 and meet the following criteria can be accredited as Members of the conference.

The applicant must:

be a public body established on an appropriate legal basis, implement or have competence under Council of Europe Convention 108 and/or the EU Regulation 2016/679 and/or Directive 2016/680, or must operate under a legal framework which applies principles consistent with the Council of Europe Convention 108 and/or with the EU Regulations 2016/679 and 45/2001 and/or Directive 2016/680.

have an established degree of independence and autonomy,

have an appropriate array of functions combined with the power to perform these functions and have filed a complete application of membership and submitted it to the Accreditation Committee.

Observer’s accreditation

The following entities and organisations can be accredited as permanent observers:

  • Entities/DPAs that meet the eligibility criteria provided for above but do not meet the admission criteria and are involved in dealing with the protection of personal data.
  • International bodies whose activity is related to the protection of personal data or privacy.

Entities or International bodies wishing to be accredited for participation in the Conference with observer status must submit to the Accreditation Committee an application to become Observer to the Conference. The application for accreditation of Observers may take the form of a questionnaire similar to the one applying for members.

-The applications must be submitted at least two months before the annual Conference the applicant wishes to attend.

-The admission of permanent observers will be decided by the Plenary upon the recommendation of the Accreditation Committee.

-Non-European DPAs, which belong to a State Party to Convention 108, could participate as observers, on request.

-Observers may be admitted for a fixed period or alternatively as a permanent observer until they undergo changes which would affect their status at the conference.

-If you wish to submit an application kindly contact the Information and Data Protection Commissioner of Republic of Croatia at: